We are very proud to have visioned and set up this incredible site at the invitation of The Sharpham Trust

Sharpham Meadow Natural Burial Ground offers an ecological alternative to traditional burial or cremation and is open to all - regardless of faith or local residency.

Sharpham is open to you, regardless of your faith or local residency, whether you are using a funeral director or not, having a religious or secular ceremony, or none at all. Ashes can also be interred here.

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Natural Burials at Sharpham Meadow

The magic of Sharpham lies in its relationship to land and water, creating an area of outstanding beauty.
The burial ground is a beautiful wild flower meadow, where all nature can thrive. It is an egalitarian space that is pure, natural, uncluttered and spacious. Kestrels hover, and skylarks sing.
All coffins need to be biodegradable and made from natural material. Graves are shallower than the traditional six feet. Embalmed bodies are not allowed, except in exceptional circumstances.
Instead of upright headstones, there is the option to buy an engraved slate gravestone, with the name and dates of the person buried, placed flush to the ground.
The ceremonial heart of the ground is the fire pit, and every family will be able to have a fire during their ceremonial time, if they so wish.
There is a beautiful cob ceremonial shelter, which is a perfect place to hold a ceremony, shelter from inclement weather or simply sit in contemplation.

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