We are a small and bespoke Undertakers.

We pride ourselves on working ethically and transparently and have always been clear with our prices.  

Our pricing works like this

Our aim is to help you through this early part of grief as smoothly as possible, so our pricing structure reflects this. We are clear about our charges. We don’t have a complicated menu of costs, nor do we have hidden charges.

If you would like to talk through any aspect of these costs please call us on 07759 890 639.

We do not charge for advice and all our funerals are bespoke.  We also advocate speaking to, or meeting, a couple of undertakers to see what they can offer. It is important to establish a good relationship with whoever you choose to use.

Undertaking Fees: £2,550

This includes the following:

  • Our time and expertise.
  • All of the practical arrangements, paperwork and funeral administration.
  • Collection of the person from anywhere in Devon or Cornwall. (Please note we do not have a 24 hour collection service but will help arrange an alternative if required. We also have a mileage fee outside a 20 mile radius)
  • Washing and dressing the person who has died.
  • Looking after the person until the funeral.
  • Coming to visit you at your home for the initial meeting and any subsequent meetings. (We also have the ability to use Zoom if some are too far away to attend but wish to be involved.)
  • Helping to create the ceremony.
  • As many visits you or your family and friends may wish to make to our place of work, in, or outside of, normal working hours.
  • Spending time with the person, no matter how often, for how long, or when that might be.
  • Ourselves on the day.

There is no extra cost for bringing someone home the night before the funeral for a vigil, or for the cremation to be on a different day from the ceremony.

Taking the Service: £350

If you wish, you can have us hold the ceremony, with Rupert as celebrant. We are also happy for you to use your own celebrant. We will do as much or as little as you want us to. 

Please note that we consider ourselves to be one of the most creative and accommodating undertakers but hard won experience has taught us that some funerals are so bespoke that further charges will need to be negotiated, depending on extravagance and complexity.

Your Choices and Disbursements


If you wish to purchase a coffin from us, these options can be found on the Coffins Page. 

Our coffins range from £300 for a cardboard coffin to £600 for woven bamboo, banana or wicker, to £800 for willow, and up to £1500 for a felt shroud for cremation.

We are happy for you to provide your own coffin.

We also can sell out coffins independently to our funeral service.

The Undertaking Fees no not cover the following (known in the trade as disbursements):

- The grave plot
- Grave preparation
- Cremation fees
- Church fees
- Doctor’s fees
- Flowers
- Notice in the paper
- Orders of service

These are third party costs and therefore are variable depending on the choices you make.

Please note:

For a cremation there are doctor’s fees of £82 (if the coroner is not involved).

There are no doctor’s fees for burial.

For information on local Crematoriums and Natural Burial Ground information, including costs, please see the Further Resources section below. 

There may also be additional collection fees acquired if out of area/out of 24 hours.

Extra mileage, outside the 20 mile radius, is charged at £1 per mile. 

For collection and delivery of ashes £25

Direct Cremation: £2,500 inclusive

This is a specific kind of funeral where the cremation happens without mourners attending. The cremation usually happens either early morning or late afternoon.

The Professional Fee in the option above offers our unlimited time, which is not available in this circumstance. 

The Direct Cremation includes the following:

  • The collection of the person who has died.
  • Looking after the person until the cremation.
  • A meeting to organise paperwork.
  • The cost of a cardboard coffin.
  • All the paperwork and funeral arrangements.
  • Cremation fees.
  • Doctors Fees.
  • The return of the ashes afterwards.

Financial Help and Support

It may be possible to claim some costs from DWP in particular circumstances.
We are also happy to support you by phone, if you wish to do it for yourself, for no cost.

Standardised Price List

In September 2021, all funeral directors became legally obliged to publish a Standardised Price List, their Terms of Business, and their Disclosure of Interests. If you wish to see our Standardised Price list, as required by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), please download it from the link below.