£ 1,100 

The Leafcocoon is designed for an environmentally friendly traditional, meadow or woodland burial and suitable for any graveyard, cemetery or burial site. It is leaf-shaped, reflecting our connection with nature, with a softness that brings a sense of comfort and connection. It is made with sustainable natural materials as ethically and locally as possible, working in harmony with nature and protecting the earth. This beautiful soft coffin is made on Dartmoor. The base is made of a strong wooden frame, encased in felt, lined with natural materials. Integral to the base is the wool felt shroud, that has fastening ties to ensure stability and safety. It has six hazel-wood toggles and six strong carrying handles. The cost is £1100. An optional cover gives an added layer for a smooth outline. A plain cover is an extra £70. With simple leaf motifs, an extra £95. For cremation, an Oseberg Cradle coffin is available, made with local timber and a wool shroud, priced £1500, or with an extra £75 for a leaf cover.

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